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Multi platform mobile app UI design for Oxfordshire based creative agency


The Project

Whether it’s gaming, watching TV on a tablet or talking to friends online, there’s a growing body of evidence to show that too much screen time has some unwelcome side effects, impacting negatively on mood and physical fitness and increasing the risk of behavioral problems.

The concept of ScreenLimit allocates time frames where a child is able to interact with a smart device. Once that time is used up, the device will automatically lock that user out. In order to gain more time, the child can complete such tasks as, tidying their bedroom or doing their chores in order to be rewarded with more time on the locked out device.

Set boundaries on your children’s devices

Limit screen time without fuss from an easy to use dashboard on your smartphone, tablet or computer.




The Solution

When Matchbox, an Oxfordshire based design agency, reached out to us for the UI design for the app design, a few things stood out. First off, the user flow was a little disconnected and the constancy and usability of the existing guide prototype was a bit clunky. We worked up a fresh design interface that reflected the key users requirements along with easy to access buttons and features. All of the items are easily accessed within 1 or 2 user clicks enabling a face passed design flow.

Credit: UI design completed under a freelance contract for Matchbox based in Oxfordshire.

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